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  • Graphology is the art and science of analyzing handwriting to identify, evaluate and understand a person's personality. The word Graphology is derived from the Greek word 'grapho' which means 'writing' and 'logy' meaning 'study'. The graphic manifestations via the strokes and patterns of a persons handwriting reveal their thought patterns, behavior and a glimpse into their subconscious mind. Thus can provide an insight into one's personality such as character, temperament, the present state of mind etc. Graphology is built on the scientific method of conclusions drawn on common sense, universal concepts, psychological interpretations and empirical research. 

  • Nowadays, graphologists are being hired at corporations, schools, college, counselling centers and more. How do they make a difference? Right from analyzing a candidate from recruitment, admission in renowned universities family guidance, career analysis to control behavioral problems. Graphology makes a great impact in identifying and rectifying, like how we wish we saw the future and change it before it gets worse.


  • Let’s look at some facts that you can relate to:


    • Career Counselling is a process of identifying, analyzing and advising an individual about their personality, capability, strength & opportunities.

    • The scientific art of understanding and career counseling a student/individual about their present & future prospects.

    • 85% of higher education candidates look out for Career Guidance  

  • Say, you have understood a student’s handwriting and have come to the conclusion that the student has a creative mind. He/she must get into a different stream like Journalism, PR, Artist, Actor, VJ, Graphic Designer, etc. Now, this only states that the student doesn’t have to struggle with Math or Science in his higher secondary school. What next? Along with Career Counselling, you will be able to guide the student in detail about what career is exactly perfect for him/her. What subjects will benefit, which colleges should they aim, and what are the various entrances to get into their desired colleges. Not only that, but you will also be able to advise them on multiple college options overseas..

  • The six personality types and career categories are :

    1. Realistic category includes skilled trades, technical and some service types.

    2. Investigative category includes the sciences and some technical types.

    3. Artistic category includes the creative arts, musical and literary types.

    4. Social category includes educational and social welfare types.

    5. Enterprising category includes managerial and sales type.

    6. Conventional category includes office, clerical and those working with numbers and data.

  • A complete detailed analysis and career recommendation costs you INR 5000 only.

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