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About Us

Select Your Tutor is a passion started by a group of ambitious professionals who are determined to change the way private tuitions and coaching institutes have been functioning in India. The aim is not only to bridge the gap between the students and their tutors and coaching institutes, but also to increase the levels of imparting education to higher levels  as well as lowering the cost of education when it comes to private coaching. To that we now add career counseling  first time in India through scientific means to help the students select the career their mindset would push them to reach the peak.

Till now students have relied upon their friends to study from the tutors. This has limited their reach to get the best tutors /coaching centers suitable for them. Since tuition/coaching is a service which can’t wait too long to begin, the students are mostly forced to settle down for whatever options they get.

With us the first time in India, the students call the shots. They get to go through the complete profiles of the tutors not just around them but also those who are willing to come near to them from a distance. And this they get to do completely free of cost. Same goes with the coaching institutes.

Tutors have been working completely on the basis of references since they have no way out to promote themselves but to accept whatever options come to them. To increase their visibility and get more students with paying capacity, they end up with agents who fulfill this but charge huge commissions.

Tutors now can get to reach students beyond their imaginations and also start teaching the students without the worry of paying any commissions to anyone at all. Further, they don’t pay a single penny on getting unlimited advantages of students contacting them for free.

With the cluttering of coaching institutes and heavy investments in advertising by richly funded institutes, many good quality but smaller institutes with world class teaching staff loose out badly compromising on quality and even compromising on fees.

Time to change. Now you get a level playing field with every coaching institute around you and not on the basis of their advertising clout but on the quality of education imparted. Reach students and even teaching staff like never before.


  • No joining fees. And therefore no renewal fees now or ever. Its free forever!

  • Students search and select the tutors of their choice without any restrictions. And the best of it all..its free!

  • Tutors don’t pay a single paisa as commission to anyone at all. Deal directly with the students and pocket the complete fees!

  • Institutes cut your publicity fees. Just don’t reach lakhs of students in your city but also make them reach you absolutely free!

  • Students, tutors and institutes use technology in a way never used before to enhance the potential of reaching your goals but also to explore new avenues in imparting education!

  • Get the A-Z of anything a student requires to excel without pressure. Watch out for more coming up soon!


Join for free now. Select the tutors best suited for you and contact them directly. Negotiate the best fees and terms. 



   Join for free now. Let students select and contact    you directly. No joining fee or commission from you. Now or ever!



Join for free. Let students and even tutors seek you out without paying a penny. Its never been a more lucrative offer before!



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Let graphology read your inherent skills and let you decide the right career.

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Discover the career options of the 21st century

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